Kirby 1996-2009
Sept. 2, 2009 - “We had to euthanize our precious Kirby this afternoon. He had been battling cancer again, and he was so weak he could barely lift his head. He was brave and valiant to the end, he just wanted to live so badly.
We already miss him terribly.”

Kirby 9/1/96 - 9/2/09

Kirby relaxing on the couchhandsome green eyed Kirby
Kirby curled up for a napfibrosarcoma nodules growing back
amputation area wrapped lightlywhat's all the fuss?
incision healing beautifullysnuggling with Dexter rabbit
frolicking on the bed againpicture perfect Kirby
“Kirby is an 8 year old orange tabby who has been healthy his whole life. On 7/6/04 we noticed a small, hard lump on his lower right front paw. It seemed like the lump grew overnight. We immediately took him to the vet who recommended we remove the lump as soon as possible.

On 7/13/04, the lump was removed and it was sent for testing. One week later we learned that it was fibrosarcoma, and that the vet was not able to get all of the tumor due to it being wrapped around tendons and muscle. Meanwhile, it appeared that the tumor was already growing back.

Ten days post-surgery we went back to the vet who confirmed that the tumor had indeed already returned (see photo). The vet stated that because fibrosarcoma is such a fast-growing and aggressive cancer, Kirby's best chance for long-term survival was to amputate the leg. After much research, discussion with other pet owners, and soul-searching, we agreed.

On 7/27/04, Kirby had his amputation surgery. He stayed overnight at the vet's office and we picked him up at 9:00 the next morning. He has amazed us with his recovery ever since. He walked, ate and used his litter box as soon as he got home. We put our mattress on the floor to make it more accessible to him. He slept almost all day for the first week, then little by little began venturing out of the bedroom for longer periods of time. Every day we watched him figure out how to use three legs for the things he used to do with four. He had a pain patch put on the night before surgery. The patch lasted three days, and he never needed any other pain medication after that. Today, twelve days post-surgery, Kirby is doing super. We have no regrets about the decision to amputate. We just wanted that cancer out of his body before it had the chance to spread. Hopefully Kirby can now live a long, healthy, cancer-free life.”

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